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"Fly too low, and your wings will become heavy with the mists of the ocean; fly too high, and their wax will melt from the heat of the sun."

Wikipedia: The Legend of Icarus


From Astrology to Astronomy in Economics

From an economic point of view, the result of human activity is always zero, as the assets and liabilities split up in the production process will always cancel each other out; and physically, the result is a loss.

So where, then, is the profit?


- Prospect 1850 -

Oh, that I would know, what holds the world, together at the core!
(Faust: The Tragedy; Part One)

- Where did we go wrong?

"God created Heaven and Earth"
"Yes, but how?"


Tracing The Continental Drift (old)

Crazy Geomorphology. With maps and animations. (Takes a bit)

What is driving the continents adrift? And are they really moving EAST?


360 Degrees -

The partitioning of time and space into 360 steps; principled vs. specific accuracy.

The ancient division of a whole into 360 degrees / 60 minutes with compasses and ruler as universal instruments for dividing space and time, with the 60 (five dozen) as the number base and circular divisions of 12.